Children awaiting adoption

Most of the children awaiting adoption have left their families under difficult circumstances and may have experienced neglect and the effects of drug/alcohol misuse during pregnancy or early years. Most will have been in foster care and may have had a number of foster carers before being adopted. They come from a variety of different communities, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and some will have additional needs or disabilities.

Please note that all the profiles featured below are not of real children waiting. These are examples based on some of the children we are currently family finding for.

Liam and Bonnie are two super active and cheerful children.

Jemma, Kane and Madison are a beautiful sibling group of smiley children.

Lillie attends school and she has made good friends and she is progressing well. Arya attends nursery 4 days a week and she really enjoys being in the company of other children.

Caspar is a beautiful little boy who has been in the care of his foster family leaving hospital.

Jade is a relinquished baby and has received excellent care being placed with an experienced carer following her birth.

Ryder is a cheerful young boy with a beautiful smile. He enjoys music and watching shows with lots of singing, like Mr Tumble and Cocomelon.

Suzie is a funny and chatty little girl. She is very independent and likes to try to do things herself

Leon loves learning new things and loves reading time with his foster carers.

Ronnie is a delightful, happy and lively little boy. He loves playing outside, riding his bicycle, climbing and jumping on the trampoline.