Steven and James

Steven and James have been a couple for seven years and decided to start a family after their civil partnership in 2013. Here they talk about becoming adoptive parent to two brothers, aged two and five.

“Although the adoption process wasn’t always plain sailing, we found the procedure as a whole to be very helpful, and from our initial enquiry to being approved, the process never felt rushed or overly long. 

Our assessing social worker and the boy’s foster carer couldn’t have been more supportive. We felt very welcomed in the foster carers’ home during the process of meeting the boys, and still keep in touch now, three years after being approved. 

Things were difficult at the beginning and the boys’ behaviour was sometimes challenging, but now they’re both thriving. As a family we enjoy sport, being outdoors and playing on the beach near our home. 

The boys absolutely love football, swimming and running, and we’re both especially proud of their ability to express themselves so well. We just can’t imagine our lives without them. 

After going through the process ourselves, we wanted to help others considering adoption and now speak to potential adopters regularly at events and training groups. 

We’d advise anyone considering adoption to do it with their eyes wide open, and to talk to as many other adopters as possible. No question is too silly and everyone is in the same boat. Although adoption is challenging at times, it’s also wonderful.”