Sean and Alex

"We were clear, from early on in our relationship, that adoption was always going to be our route into parenthood. While the assessment process was daunting at first, we actually found it to be really clarifying for us both about why were on that journey, and we felt supported in those assessment sessions which led to really open discussions.

Our daughter has been with us for 2 years now (time really does go by so fast!) and she is without doubt the bravest person we have evert met. She has completely turned our world on its head, in all the best ways. Our house became a home the second she walked through that door and our life is now a healthy mixture of organised chaos, laughter and the ‘Encanto’ soundtrack.

The perception of what an adopter might look like and of the young people that are in need of adoption is often misinterpreted so our message is: if you’re thinking about starting a family, LGBTQ+ or not, make that call and have a conversation…it might just be the best thing you ever do!"

LGBT+ Adoption and Fostering Week 2022