Peter and Lisa

Peter and Lisa share a nine-year-old son and both have children from previous relationships. Here they share their story of becoming adoptive parents and welcoming their two-year-old daughter into their family.

“We adopted our daughter when she was seven months old because we really felt that the time was right to expand our family. 

It was love at first sight as soon as we read her profile at a matching meeting and we both felt an instant connection with her. 

There was some initial uncertainty surrounding her health, but medical professionals and social workers kept us well informed of her condition and progress. There’s still some doubt about her development going forward, but everyone is positive about her ability to reach her potential with the right care.

Now, our daughter is thriving and growing into such a spirited little girl. She loves swimming, reading and counting and regularly sees her maternal grandmother from her birth family. The relationship between them is strong and positive which is a great thing.

This relationship wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her foster carer and social worker, and she now sees her ‘nan’ every six to eight weeks. She also visits her previous foster carer who lives nearby and we both enjoy a good relationship with them. 

Although we know there may be speed bumps in the road in the future, we couldn’t imagine life without our daughter.”