Matt and Shaun

Matt and Shaun adopted their little boy just 18 months ago. Their lives are now full of unconditional love and they enjoy spending precious time together as a family of three, while keeping in touch with their son's foster carers - who have become part of their extended family. 

"Throughout the adoption process, we heard that when your child comes along, you would just know they are the right one for you. We never thought it would happen like that for us. However as soon as we found our son, we knew he was ours, and we was always supposed to be his daddies. The paperwork and court order are just the formalities.

 We adopted our little boy, nearly 18 months ago now, and he just continues to surprise and amaze us, as well as filling our lives with buckets full of unconditional love. He has to be our greatest achievement so far, and we can’t imagine what our lives would be like without him.

Life now, is our new normal. We are both back at work, and even though we miss him terribly, as soon as we are all together again the time is filled with plenty of fun, laughter and love.

We have continued to keep in touch with his foster carers who have now become another part of our extended family, and are a continuous support to us in our hour of need. They have words of wisdom and oodles of parenting advice for most eventualities.

On reflection, the process to be approved adopters was emotional but interestingly cathartic. We enjoyed our weekly meetings with the social worker but of course, we were eager for the time to speed up. Once approved we struggled with the matching process. Looking at various children’s profiles was hard going on our hearts. However, as soon as we read about our son, we knew we were all meant to be together. A forever family.

Our advice is make some time for yourself now. Once you have your little one, your home and life will never be the same again…it just gets 100% better."