Mum Lucia, writes an open letter to her 8-year old daughter.

‘Open Adoption.’

Dear Frankie,

We talk about adoption a lot don’t we? I don’t think there is a day goes by that we don’t discuss and celebrate our incredible journey together.

Lots of people think, when an adoptive parent is granted an adoption order, the past is over. We both know, this is not the case. In fact it is just the beginning.

It’s like when I took driving lessons and eventually passed the theory and 6 months of practicing, I was given a driving licence and got a car. Only then however, did I truly begin learning how to be a motorist. 
It took 3 years of paperwork and 6 months practice before I was allowed to apply for an Adoption Order. 

I started the Adoption process before you even existed. That’s a pretty incredible thought in itself.

I was always destined to be your Mother. This is a fact. There were many different paths taken along the way but they all reached the same destination. You.

The word destiny fits so nicely into the word destination. This is why it is one of my favourite words.

Adoption isn’t a label, it’s a story. It is as unique as we are. Nobody shares the same story as us and this is why we talk about it every day. Like all great literature, it has defining chapters. Some were written for us but since the minute we met, we’ve been writing our own.

I absolutely love the fact you are adopted. It’s a part of who you are. A truly wonderful part. Continue to be vocal about it. Shout it from the rooftops and share your favourite chapters with those who are interested in your life story.

Stay proud my love, for you are simply magnificent.

Forever yours,

Mum x