Jeanette and Mike

After trying to start a family for ten years, Trafford couple Jeanette and Mike decided to adopt after hearing about the many children waiting for loving families. Jeanette, a supply teacher, and Mike, a mental health nurse, say that adopting their son and daughter has changed their lives for the better. Here, the couple share their adoption journey in their own words.

“We enjoy a relaxed, child-focused life and spend our time walking in the countryside, having picnics on the beach, and splashing around in puddles. Our daughter is five and a real girly girl. She loves colours, art and design, dressing up, dancing and swimming, whereas our son, who’s three, loves number games and cuddling up with a good book and our family cat, Amber.

At first, our daughter was quite shy and very unsure of herself and her environment, not knowing whether she was going to move to another foster placement – a common worry for children in care. After a few months she really began to flourish and grow in confidence, the difference has been remarkable.

We had a very supportive social worker who was open and honest from the beginning, providing us with up to date information every step of the way. She was always available when we needed her, from the first phone call to the day our children moved in. She still provides us with invaluable post adoption support.

Although the assessment process was challenging at times, we never felt interrogated and the process was very natural. We understood that the checks needed to be in-depth and thorough given the needs of the children seeking adoptive parents. We’re so proud to be adoptive parents, especially when our friends and family comment on how lovely, polite and well behaved our children are. As a family we feel happy and fulfilled and, although we know there may be challenges to face in the future, just like in any family, we find parenting truly rewarding.”