Hayley adopted two sibling. Her story is one of Sunday walks, laughters and strong emotions. Read more.

"Adopting was the best thing I ever did. Yes, it is hard work and having adopted two siblings, going from silence to stereo was challenging at times but wow, what an absolute joy to watch these two tiny beings develop into happy, bubbly, confident children who are fully enjoying their life. 

I've just listened to one snoring with a big smile on his face as he replays his latest goal in his dreams, and heard the other say in her sleep 'oh it's so soft, Mama!' (she's dreaming about being cuddled by me in my super-soft dressing gown - awww).

Where would I be without our Sunday afternoon walk and the laughter and chats we have along the way? Dancing in the kitchen at breakfast time and reading Roald Dahl together at bedtime?

Adopting is not a fairy tale; you will need to be resilient, courageous and emotionally tough at times, particularly when you are advocating for their needs, or maintaining firm boundaries -  but it is a dream come true if you want to give children the chance of a happy family life, creating the space for them to grow into the fullness of their potential as human beings.

It's simply amazing watching them flourish. And of course, it goes without saying, nothing is more rewarding than your relationship with each of these unique little individuals who have trusted themselves to your care, and become your son(s) and/or daughter(s).

Adopting is not a fairy tale…but it is a dream come true if you want to give children the chance of a happy family life."