George and Emily

"Our decision to adopt came after a pregnancy that ended sadly for us. We had always spoken of possibly fostering in the future, so the idea of adoption was not an unfamiliar one when we decided to take that route to a family. 

We had always envisioned a family of at least two children so we requested to be matched with a pair of siblings. We didn’t have any clear ideas on ages, and our original expectations were that we'd be matched siblings between 2 and 5 years old. 

About a month after being approved to adopt we received a matching form for a pair of twins girls, less than a year old. Not expecting that we’d be high on a list for their family finder we replied to say that we were interested, and barely a week later we were told that we were at the top of their shortlist. 

We had never envisioned twins, and though there were some question marks over their future health that we had to consider carefully, the idea of siblings of the same age who could be lifelong friends to each other appealed greatly. 

We found out a lot speaking to girls' foster carer, who has continued to be a great source of knowledge and advice for us. We learnt a lot though the (intense!) introductions process, and 10 days later the girls were with us. 

6 months on our lives have changed completely, going from 0 kids to having 2 toddlers in the house. It has been intense but joyous – we count ourselves very fortunate to have two such amazing children as part of our lives."