"When I was asked to write a couple of paragraphs about my experiences throughout the adoption process I initially panicked, simply because, how the whole process has changed our lives for the better cannot be contained in a few paragraphs!

We initially adopted our daughter who was 22 months old, then four years later we adopted our son who was 2 years and 2 months old. Our children are now 10 years old and 6 years old and life is crazy busy and never quiet, but our home is full of love and cuddles.

The whole adoption process was tough and one of the hardest things we have ever done but we did it twice so it can’t have been that bad! Although it was a tough process, the time goes by very quickly and soon it has time to meet your child, it was love at first sight for us, with both our kids and they continue to be the love of our lives.

The most stressful and tiring part of the whole process was introductions , the early mornings, late nights and emotional roller coaster was exhausting,  but so worth it  now,   looking back!

Both of my children are very loving, kind , intelligent and brave , we are humbled every day to be lucky enough to be parents to these two amazing little human beings.

Has it always been easy? No, but no harder than anyone else who has kids.

Do my kids fight and argue? Yes, just like birth siblings.

Would I do it again? Yes in a heartbeat if I was ten years younger!

My daughter is a blackbelt in martial arts, loves to read, and is excelling at school and is the gentlest soul I know. My son plays rugby , is loud, runs through a room like a hurricane, is tenacious, funny, loving  and is a year above his class mates in his reading ability. He has been chosen by his teacher to visit the care home every Friday afternoon to play board games and chat to the elderly residents.

My kids make me proud every day and I feel privileged to have been given the chance to be their mum."