Antony works in advertising and decided to adopt after becoming godfather to his nephew. He realised he wanted to parent a child of his own and his dream became a reality in 2014 when he adopted his eight-year-old son.

“The adoption process wasn’t as intrusive as I thought it was going to be, although you do need to be prepared to open up about your private life – no skeletons are left in the closet when it comes to adoption. Make sure you have plenty of time available for the assessment, too.

I was really excited to be matched with my son and I completely fell in love with him. He is such a bubbly character, very sure of himself but caring and thoughtful too. He’s a real brainbox and loves computer games and reading, and as a family we enjoy walking, swimming and going to the seaside, although he can’t stand shopping, so he leaves that to me!

If you are considering adopting don’t rule out an older child. I was concerned that he wouldn’t be very affectionate but he’s as loving as ever. There’s no better feeling than coming home from work and being welcomed by his great big smile.

I’d also make sure that you find out as much information as possible about potential children you could be matched with. I was initially open to adopting a child over four years old, but never in a million years did I expect to adopt an eight year old. I now realise the true meaning of unconditional love.”