Family Finding

Hi, I am Reuben...

Reuben is an 11-month-old little boy from a dual heritage background.

From Reuben’s foster family:

"Reuben is a gregarious, happy boy with tons of personality. There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t bring a smile and positive feeling to his family. He is a lovely, cheeky and responsive boy who is now aware of everybody around him. He has the most infectious and laid back disposition but importantly is developing some strong traits knowing what he likes and doesn’t like. Reuben loves playing with a variety of toys; more recently is demonstrating a real affinity towards his cars." 

Reuben is a lovely little boy who loves to be cuddled and given lots of affection. When you hold him, he will snuggle into you. He is very much part of family life in the foster placement and he loves interacting with the other people. He enjoys the busy household environment and watching other members of the household do their sporting activities. Reuben gets lots of one-to-one attention and stimulation but is excited by a busy household. He also enjoys being out and about observing the world around him, and he really enjoys the swings.

He is a happy, content and smiley baby and he only really cries when he is tired and hungry. He has started moving toys from one hand to the other, and he loves taking the pieces out of jigsaws and he enjoys quickly removing the pieces when the foster carer puts them in place! He enjoys listening to music especially 'Baby Shark' and 'Row Your Boat'. He is a fantastic sleeper - he will wake up in the night for a feed but he will go straight back down. When he wakes up, he is happy to play in his cot for a while.

Reuben was induced 4 weeks early and he remained in hospital for 2 weeks under special care until he could gain weight and feed properly. There will be a high level of uncertainty as he develops and the full extent of any long-term damage will be unclear.

What does Reuben need?

  • A family who can devote a lot of time and energy to encourage a healthy and safe family environment.

  • It has been confirmed that Reuben is on the Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder spectrum; he therefore needs a family who can be open to a high level of uncertainty around alcohol use during pregnancy and the effects this may or may not have on Reuben now or in the future.

  • A family who are open to mental health issues. Although the diagnosis both parents have are described as non-organic, this still needs to be addressed.

  • A family who can identify with his ethnicity and promote his dual heritage and cultural background.

  • A family who can be sensitive to telling and use age-appropriate language when talking about his birth history.

  • Reuben has a urology issue, which is being monitored and reviewed by a paediatrician. It is not a significant health issue but any adopters my need to make themselves available for routine appointments. 

To enquire about adopting Reuben...

If you would like to be considered as an adopter for Reuben, please email:
specifying your name and contact details, as well as adding "Reuben" as your message subject.

We look forward to hearing from any potential adopters that could provide a forever family for Reuben.