Family Finding

Hello! My name is Luke.

Luke will be soon approaching his fourth birthday. He is of white/British descent with no specified religion.

From Luke’s foster family:

Luke is a cheery, happy little boy who can brighten your day with his smile and infectious laugh.  From the moment he wakes his sunny disposition shines through.  He will happily sing to himself in his bedroom or will chat to his teddies and he is content to await your arrival.  He is an easy to care for boy who other than ensuring he is safe he places no particular demands upon you.  He is very much rewarding to care for and it is lovely to observe the level of progress he has recently been making.”

Luke attends Nursery five days a week which he enjoys.  Luke has some additional needs and he is being assessed for an EHC Plan to help provide him with extra support in class.  He has been given a place at a specialist school for the forthcoming September term. He can count to 20, repeats the alphabet and knows his colours.  Luke is making progress with his social and communication skills and he now has a curiosity about the world.  He likes the company of other children and he will play alongside them; passing the train down the track.  His speech is developing and he is able to communicate in a variety of ways to make his needs known. He has taught himself some sign language from Mr Tumble! 

Watch this lovely video of Luke: 

Luke’s attention span is greatly improving and he will sit happily for long periods playing with his sensory toys.  He also loves his cars and trains and interactive or pop-up books with his favourite being ‘That’s not my Dinosaur’.  Luke will watch television and enjoys Twirly Woos, Masher and the Bear and Blaze but mainly programmes that he can interact with.  Luke enjoyed visiting the Blue Planet Aquarium and became very excited the next day when he saw sharks on the television.

Luke very much enjoys being part of a family and likes spending time with those familiar to him.  He shares a close relationship with his foster carers and he becomes animated when collected from Nursery and shrieks with delight whenever they visit their extended family. He is a loveable little boy who gives his carers such enjoyment and laughter with his budding sense of humour.  At night he will pretend to go to sleep and will chuckle to himself.  Luke enjoys his sleep! He likes a lie in and will tell you he wants to go to bed if the time surpasses his usual 6.45pm.  Luke also enjoys most foods and he will happily feed himself.

Luke has a squint and wears glasses although he does tend to put them on upside down!  He rarely needs to use his asthma inhaler anymore.  His self-care skills are developing.  Luke loves the bath and he has an emerging interest in trying to wash and dress himself.   

Luke adores being outside, is a little adventurer and a keen climber and so he needs careful watching especially at the park where he will tackle the climbing frames with much vigour or perhaps be overly interested in stones!  He understands instructions and boundaries with his carers saying that he is even lovely when having a ‘little paddy’. 

Luke is the second youngest of a sibling group of nine children.  He has experienced chronic neglect and so it is difficult to determine whether his presentation is due to developmental trauma or whether there is an intrinsic reason. Luke underwent an assessment for Autism and whilst he scored highly he was not given a diagnosis.  He has made tremendous progress within the last few months and he is benefiting from the high level of care and stimulation he is receiving. 

What does Luke need?

  • A family who are able to provide a high level of play and stimulation

  • A family who are able to accept the uncertainty regarding his future development

  • A family who are patient and are able to encourage Luke’s emotional, learning and physical development

  • A family who are sensitive to telling and use age-appropriate language when talking about his birth history.

  • A family who are able to promote direct contact with his adoptive siblings and indirect contact with other birth family members.

To enquire about adopting Luke:

If you would like to be considered as an adopter for Luke, please email:
specifying your name and contact details, as well as adding "Luke" as your message subject.

We look forward to hearing from any potential adopters that could provide a forever family for Luke.