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We continue to work remotely at this time.

If you are enquiring about adopting a child...

Talk to us – we’re listening. Our dedicated team is on hand to answer all of your queries and concerns. If you'd like to receive more information or start your enquiry form, please fill in our form here or email

If you have already made an enquiry and wish to speak further, please email: contact

Social media: you can contact us on Twitter @Adoption_Counts or Facebook

If you are enquiring about something else...

If you are an approved adopter, or an adoptive applicant enquiring about support when your social worker is unavailable, please email our Business Support team or for urgent queries please contact our main office number on 0161 521 8720

If you are a birth relative or adopter enquiring about letterbox, please contact your allocated letterbox coordinator or email

If you are an adopted adult, adoptive family, or birth family enquiring about support, please either fill in the relevant form if it is a new enquiry. For existing enquiries of this nature, please email your social worker directly. Please note we are working with each Local Authority to ensure contenuity of service. We would ask you to be mindful of delays in the current climate, as Services to Families are currently mainly responding to crisis situations to ensure safety of people and staff.


Adoption Counts, Etrop Court, 25 Rowlandsway,Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5RG

Whilst the Royal Mail continues to deliver post, we will continue to respond to written correspondence, however it is inevitable that there will be delays in processing information and responding to enquiries. Therefore,  where possible it will help if you can correspond  via email as detailed above.   

"We expected that the change to Adoption Counts may result in delays, but it has been anything but that."
Rebecca and Michael