Suzie is a funny and chatty little girl. She is very independent and likes to try to do things herself.

Suzie loves to dress up in costumes and role-play, especially princesses. She is very outgoing and likes to put on shows for her foster carer. Suzie is in a good routine and she eats and sleeps well. Suzie was placed initially with an older sibling but their care plan subsequently changed and this has shown improvement in the sibling relationship and in Suzie’s behavioural and emotional needs. Suzie and her sibling witnessed alcohol and substance abuse while in care of birth family. She will need a family that are willing to support a face-to-face contact plan with birth sibling, and that can help Suzie continue her journey in emotional well-being.

Age: 3 ½

Ethnicity: White British/Polish

*** Please note – this is an example profile based on some of the children we are currently family finding for.