Lillie and Arya

Lillie and Arya have been in our current foster placement for over a year. Lillie attends school and she has made good friends and she is progressing well. Arya attends nursery 4 days a week and she really enjoys being in the company of other children.

Their foster carer says they share a strong bond and that Lillie really looks after her little sister. The sisters have experienced longstanding neglect, emotional abuse and inadequate supervision and boundaries while in care of birth family. Initially their foster carer reported the children could not follow routines and did not sleep through the night. The foster carer has been supported by CAMHS and is beginning to see some improvements. We are looking for adopters that understand the strong bond between these sisters and ready to guide them through their emotional and learning development. Adopters will need to support an ongoing relationship between the children and their foster carer.

Age: 6 & 3

Ethnicity: White British/Black Caribbean

*** Please note – this is an example profile based on some of the children we are currently family finding for.