Jemma, Kane and Maddison

Jemma, Kane and Madison are a beautiful sibling group of smiley children. They are all very settled in the current placement and have started enjoying their routines.

They all love being outdoors and splashing in muddy puddles with their wellies! Madison loves watching her sibling play and wants to join in, especially when they are having fun dancing and singing in front of the television. Jemma has recently started pre-school and she is enjoying being in a structured environment. Both Kane and Madison are laidback children who are easily settled. Even though they are so young, Jemma and Kane have experienced many moves while in care. Madison was removed from birth and joined her siblings in their placement. Adopters will need to accept  uncertainty on emotional and behavioural needs.

Age: 4, 2 & 1

Ethnicity: White British

*** Please note – this is an example profile based on some of the children we are currently family finding for.